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The Strength of AddThis

The Strength of AddThis

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Wish Fulfillment? No. But Dreams Do Have Meaning

Wish Fulfillment? No. But Dreams Do Have Meaning

My Greatest Frustrations in Life

2927072547_ffb85be18e I admire photographers who are dedicated to their job and also the result of their photography. It is one of my dream to be a photographer but of course my favorite subject in my photography is "MYSELF"


I want to experience the amazing thrill skydiving can offer. Being at the top of the world will give you unexplainable adrenalin-rush


From diving up in the sky, I also foresee myself to become a great diver, to explore the wonders of the underworld and to get acquainted with marine life. I want to discover the fun,excitement and adventure in the other world.

pavement art 3d globe Ulla Taylor Air NZ plane globe I want to travel the world and enjoy life with my special someone. Visit different countries and experience different culture.

old_couple_3413123 Lastly, I want to grow old happy and make the most of my life forever. Knowing that I have somebody to create good and lasting memories and it is not just one of my greatest frustration in life.

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Virtual Jobs

Having an internet connection is really a great help, not just for chatting and finding mate online (I don't need that anyway) but also a great source for income,all you need to have is patience and perseverance. I have been busy lately making money online. I joined different paid to click site and also did some data entry jobs at home. I want to share the best PTC sites that I have joined, all you need is a spare time and you can also synchronize this while you're surfing the net and updating your blog.

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Subconscious Mind

I am a believer of paranormal phenomena. Possessing a psychic abilities is truly a gift. It was all based from my unusual experiences, some people are skeptical about this belief because it does not conform to the natural expectations and as far as science is concern it’s a waste of time. I don’t need to convince other people to believe in me, I have the ability to perceive my future events before it happen through my dreams. I know it sound odd, I had different kinds of dreams,some are bad,emotional and happy but I never experience having a nightmare. I also wonder why I have premonitions through dreams, is it about my deepest thoughts? or am I just exhausted? a lot of questions lingering in my mind , but still I find it helpful for me to be prepared what lies ahead the future or what my dream is trying to foretell. There are 5 basic types of dreams, I need to know all of these so I researched for it, I came across of this dream interpretation site() which explains best the different meanings of dreams.
The Five Types of Dreams

Regardless of the meaning behind dreams, most dreams fit into one of these five categories:

* Ordinary Dreams: The most common dreams are those that fall into this category. They are dreams that stem from the things you have seen or heard during wakeful hours. The subconscious mind interprets your thoughts and the result is ordinary dreams.
* Lucid Dreams: Lucid dreams are quite unique. In these dreams, you are aware of what you are dreaming and therefore able to control them. Through practice, you can control what you dream about prior to falling asleep. This is almost a method of planning your dreams ahead of time.
* Telepathic Dreams: In telepathic dreams, individuals are in communication with those who have passed on to death. There is a mental connection between those who have died or even from one living person to the next. Those that believe in this possibility believe that the soul is communicating during the night with others.
* Premonitory Dreams: This type of dream is like telepathic dreams in that they are a spiritual type of dream. These dreams are supposed to reveal what will happen in the future. It is a belief that these dreams see the truth that is not within reach during wakeful hours.
* Nightmares: Nightmares are the result of suppressing fear or they can contain a forewarning about something that is to come. Nightmares may also be a way of working through old, unsolved problems that are just too frightening to deal with when you are awake